Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup is done by professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of how to cleanup blood and bodily fluids safely.

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Suicide Cleanup

Indianapolis Crime Scene Cleanup is highly trained for all types of biohazard cleanup to get rid of the residuals of a suicide scene. We accept homeowners insurance.

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Medical Accidents

Finding an unattended death of a loved one can be an extremely stressful and traumatic situation. We clean up after unattended deaths in Jacksonville.

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Jacksonville Crime Scene Cleanup

Who handles crime scene cleanup afterward? This is a common question when families are faced with a tragic situation in their home. Each year in the United States, 1,197,987 violent crimes occur. Each of these crimes requires a crew to go in and attempt to create the illusion that nothing tragic has ever happened at this particular place. One thing is for certain: Coroners, police officers, and crime scene investigators surely do not clean up after they collect their evidence. Before the late 90's, in fact, few crews existed that took care of crime and suicide scenes, and unfortunately enough, it was the sole responsibility of the victim's family or even the landlord if they ever hoped to rent the residence out again. At Jacksonville Crime Scene Cleanup, we are designed to lessen a once detrimental burden. Of course, you cannot just call your local maid to take on this dangerous task, but must instead enlist the help of professionals prepared for cleaning crime and trauma scenes in Jacksonville, FL.


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